Beau Geste MOD70

Skipper/Owner: Karl Kwok
Design: VPLP MOD70
Builder: VPLP
Length: 21.2 m
Beam: 16.8 m
Weight: 6300kg
Draft: 4.5m
Sail Number: IVB 2947
Date Launched: Jan 2010

As Beau Geste MOD70 skipper: Karl Kwok - Peter Brady

  • Oct 2017: PIC Gold Cup 2nd
  • Oct 2017: PIC Coastal Classic 2nd 6 h 12 and 58 sec
  • Jan 2018: Bay Of Islands Race Week 1st
  • Mar 2018 Rolex China Sea Race 1st and Race Record 38h 30 7s
  • Oct 2018: Hong-Kong to Hainan Race 1st 1d 0h 1m 59s
  • Nov 2018: The tour of Hong Kong 1st 2h 16m 45s
  • Apr 2019: Brisbane to Gladstone Race Line Honours, 2nd OMR and Race Record 15h 26m 52s.
  • Aug 2019: Brisbane to Hamilton Island Race Line Honours and Race Record 1day 2h 11m 41s

As Phaedo3 skipper: Lloyd Thornburg - Brian Thompson

  • Feb 2015: Unofficially breaks the Antigua lap record in 2h 44m 15s
  • Feb 2015: Caribbean 600 1st and Race record in 1 day 9h 35m 30s
  • Apr 2015: The tour of St Martin Record in 1h 30m 19s
  • Apr 2015: St Bart / Tintimarre Island Record (Voiles de St Barth) in 1h 53m 35s
  • Apr 2015: Voiles de St Barth 1st
  • Apr 2015: Guadeloupe / Antigua Race 1st and Race Record in 1h 27m
  • Apr 2015: Pearns Round Point Antigua 2st and Race Record in 3h 26m 9s
  • Apr 2015: The Round Redonda Race 1st and Race Record in 5h 18m 58s
  • May 2015: Antigua/Newport Record in 3d 5h 55m 12s
  • Jun 2015: James Town Tour Record in 56m and 33s
  • Jul 2015: Transatlantic Race 1st in 7days 2h 4m 5s
  • Aug 2015: Artemis Challenge 4th
  • Aug 2015: Rolex Fastnet Race 2nd real time (1st MOD70)
  • Sep 2015: Fastnet record in 1day 3h 34min
  • Sep 2015: Plymouth / La Rochelle Record in 14h 5m 27s
  • Sep 2015: Channel Crossing Record in 4h 49m 51s
  • Oct 2015: The Rolex Middle Sea Race 1st in 59h 29m 44s
  • Dec 2015: RORC Transatlantic Race 1st in 5days 23h
  • Dec 2015: The New Year's Eve Regatta (Tour de St Barth) 1st in 1h 5m
  • Jan 2016: Mount Gay Rum Round Barbados Race 2nd in 2h 37m 50s
  • Jan 2016: Barbados Antigua Race 1st
  • Feb 2016: Armor Mesh Around Redonda 1st and Race Record in 4h 5m
  • Feb 2016: Around Antigua 360° 1st in 4h 3m
  • Feb 2016: Caribbean 600 1st and Race Record in 31h 59m 4 sec
  • Mar 2016: The lap of St Maarten as part of the St Maarten H Regatta 1st and Race Record in 1h 19m 59s
  • Mar 2016: St Maarten H Regatta 1st
  • Apr 2016: The Voiles de St Barth 1st in real time  (2nd in compensated time)
  • May 2016: Bermuda / Plymouth Record in 5d 11h 57min and 17sec
  • Jun 2016: Volvo Round Ireland 3rd 
  • Jul 2016: Round The Island Race 1 and Race Record in 2h 23m 23s
  • Aug 2016: Round of Ireland Record in 36h 52m 4s
  • Aug 2016: Artemis Challenge 1st in 3h 0m 52s
  • Aug 2016: RORC Ile d'Ouessant Race 1st and Race Record in 28h
  • Aug 2016: Isle of Wight circumnavigation record in 2h 4m 14s
  • Sep 2016: Isle of Wight circumnavigation record in 2h 3m 58s
  • Sep 2016: Isle of Wight circumnavigation record in 2h 2m 31s
  • Oct 2016: Rolex Middle Sea Race 2nd
  • Nov 2016: Monaco-Porto Cervo Record record in 7h 53m 31s
  • Dec 2016: RORC Transatlantic Race 1st in 6 days 13h 39m 55s at 18.2 knots
  • Feb 2017: Antigua 360° 1st and Race Record in  3h 18m and 18s.
  • Feb 2017: RORC Caribbean 600 in 1st 33h 40m 46s
  • Mar 2017: Newport Beach Cabo Race 1st in 3 days 2h 37m 55s.
  • Apr 2017: Newport to Ensenada Race 1st in 5h 45m 52s
  • May 2017: Pacific crossing record in 3 days 16h 52m 3s
  • Jul 2017: Transpac 2nd in 4 days 9 h 30m 36s
  • Feb 2017: Line Honours in RORC Carribean 600

As Fonica Skipper: Michel Desjoyeaux 

  • 2011: Krys exhibition match La Trinité sur Mer 3rd 
  • Aug 2012: Round the Isle of Wight Record on the Artemis Challenge 1st and Race Record in 2h 21 min 25 sec
  • Oct 2012: MOD-70 European Tour 1st
Previous Owners/Names:

Fonica (Skipper: Michel Desjoyeaux) 

Phaedo^3 (Skipper: Lloyd Thornburg - Brian Thompson) from 2014 to 2017

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