1965 Brisbane to Gladstone Race Report

Vagabond 35’ Tri — Outright winning of the 1965 Brisbane to Gladstone Multihull Yacht Race

Vagabond 35’ Tri — Outright winner of the 1965 Brisbane to Gladstone Multihull Yacht Race


It was Good Friday 1965.

Light winds from the north gently ruffled the sails of the yachts Reefroamer, Toru, Tria, Triumph, Vagabond, Charmaine and Coolaroo—as they waited in a calm sea.

Then at 12 o’clock—one hour after the departure of the keel boats—the warning yellow flag was broken out, accompanied by the firing of the gun.

The Brisbane to Gladstone Multi Hull Yacht race had begun!

In the early stages, it was anybody’s race, but the light conditions prevailing, soon spread the field over a wide area.

Progress was very slow - one yacht taking 15 hours to cover five miles!

Then Tria was forced to withdraw - because of limited time at her disposal.

Ill luck dogged Reefroamer and Coolaroo which were both forced to withdraw with rudder trouble.

The light variable north winds continued, theworst possible conditions for racing. Some of the crews relieved the tedium of becalmed periods, with a spot of fishing!

Eventually Vagabond managed to overtake the field, including the keel boats, and crossed the line some two hours in front of all yachts.

Vagabond took the trophy for the fastest time - the Beverley Cup for first on handicap, and the Multi Hull Industries trophy for the first to Lady Elliott Island. Quite an achievement for the Multi Hulls!

Second on corrected time was Charmaine -from South Australia. Third was Toru, skippered by international guest Peter Campbell, who recently sailed with Toru, to Australia from California.

An enthusiastic welcome greeted the yachtsmen at Gladstone, and all agreed that finer hosts do not exist!

The Club, formed only three months prior to the race, got off to a flying start in the Easter race, with the Multi Hulls acquitting themselves magnificently!

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