Bribie Cup and Coolaroo Trophy

By Jim Fern

The wind forecast for the start at 10.00 was 5 Knot SSW with the breeze building from the SE during the day. All crews were happy that BOM were out with their timing because the 15 Knot South Easter that greeted them produced great angles for fast lane sailing. When the 3 starters, Boss Racing, Hasta La Vista and Renaissance hit the start line, all boats were blast reaching in the high teens. Boss Racing did his usual scalded cat routine and fled the scene for the northern end of the bay. Hasta and Renaissance sailed in close company until it was time to hoist spinnakers when Hasta La Vista pulled away. The reach from The Outer Measured Mile to Fisheries Beacon was great fun, wet and fast. Boss was low flying down this leg but managed to touch down every so often to be chased by Hasta under screecher at 22 knots. The Hasta pit crew complained that the log was only working intermittently down this leg only to realise later that the paddle wheel on the bottom of the main hull had to actually be in the water to work Meanwhile, back on Renaissance, they enjoyed a leisurely sail under jib to lose significant ground. It became known post race that the crew feared that the conditions might blow the froth off their lattes. The kite run north to Reef Point and on to the Deception Bay Red was a fast but easy run for the first 2 boats but Renaissance's day became expensive when they pulled the head out of their biggest spinnaker in the final gybe before the finish. Boss Racingearned line honours while Hasta La Vista won on OMR and PHS.

The Moreton Bay Boat Club looked after the lone cruiser (Purrfik with Ray and Sue Perry aboard) and the small race fleet very well. We all enjoyed a great meal together on Saturday night plus numerous fine beverages.

Only Renaissance and Hasta La Vista started in the return Coolaroo Trophy race. The race started in strong winds from the SE and a sloppy sea – wonderful. The short kite run to the Deception Bay Red was going to be the only joy for the day with a solid work facing 2 very different boats. The off the breeze superiority Hasta showed over Renaissance on Day 1 was instantly reversed on Day 2. Renaissance made short work of Hasta to windward, ploughing relentlessly through the chop, using their waterline length to good effect in a powerful display. Hasta's light weight ensured she just bounced and bobbed along in those conditions to finish a long way behind Renaissance. Hasta enjoyed one moment of fun on this return race. The helmsman slipping from his perch high on the windward float after a tack provided that mirth-filled moment. He resembled a tea bag until the shock of cold water energised him into scrambling back on top of the float instead of dangling underneath it. Renaissance deservedly won line honours, OMR and PHS to finish off a great weekend.


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