by Chris Dewar on McMoggy

As we left Manly Harbour for the 2015 Navigator’s Nightmare the breeze was quite fresh and we raised the main with a reef. The weather forecasts were a bit all over the place with predictions of over 20 knots and a strong wind warning and others with not much wind at all.

As the starting time approached the wind eased and we shock out the reef. We arrived at the line a little late and were the last to cross, with Kestrel first, The Cats Whiskers next and finally McMoggy.

All three boats headed to Peel Island with Kestrel way out in front. McMoggy passed The Cats Whiskers off Wellington Point. McMoggy had a screecher up and the others had spinnakers up.

There were some doubts about whether the screecher was the right choice but with an ominous dark grey cloud front just ahead it was decided to leave the smaller sail up.

A check of the weather showed the wind was easing to the south so we decided to turn for home at about 2:10pm.

Kestrel followed immediately and then The Cats Whiskers. The spinnaker had kept us closer to Peel than the others and the heading home was right for the mark around King Island. The others were to the west and were unlikely to make the mark.

As the finishing time approached the wind dropped to next to nothing and it was unlikely that anyone was going to get back to the finish line. McMoggy was in the best position having turned first and now being closest to the finish line.

Kestrel tacked out from the beach and on McMoggy we unfurled the Screecher for the last 30 minutes which gave us some added speed over the others who were hard on the wind. Everyone's position was called in and Alasdair did the calculations for the placings.

As it started to rain it was decided that meeting at Richard’s house rather than a raft up would be more pleasant and so we gathered there where Alasdair announced that McMoggy had won, with Kestrel in second and The Cats Whiskers in third.

The weather had obviously kept a few yachts/people away. despite the uncertain weather it was a pleasant day with only a little rain after the race had finished.

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