To be read in conjunction with Part A of the MYCQ Sailors Handbook.

RACE:           The Great Bay Race                                  TYPE: Bay 2

DATE:            Sat 11 March 2017                       START TIME: 1000hrs

OFFICER OF THE DAY: TBA SAFETY REGS: MYCQ Sailors handbook and Cat 5

SHIPPING MOVEMENTS: OOD to obtain shipping schedule from port control before the race and pass to participants so all vessels are aware of what large shipping could be encountered. OOD to phone 3305 1700 and request Confirmed Shipping Movements for the day.

RADIO MONITORING: All race participants are to monitor VHF Ch12 when crossing the Shipping Channel and will communicate with large traffic if necessary.

PORT CONTROL ADVICE: After the start, the OOD will advise Brisbane Harbour Control on Ch 12 VHF the number of boats competing and the approximate time the fleet will arrive at and leave the shipping channel.

RADIO SCHEDS: after 0933 hrs on Ch 72 VHF: Contact Start Boat to register and declare POB.

Second radio sked at 1215 hrs, then every 3 hours until finished.

If no contact, try again 10 minutes later on VHF Ch 81.

Positions should be given as latitude and longitude to the nearest minute.

START PROCEDURE: As per ISAF Racing Rules of Sailing Part 3 Rule 26

START LINE: Between the Start Boat and the Wood Channel No.1 FL Green 4s (approx 27°27.49’S 153°13.32’E - entrance to Aquatic Paradise)        

COURSE: This race consists of three parts A ,B &C The A part is a rounding of Peel Is. in either direction and then completing the B and C triangles in any order and any direction.

Marks as shown from Chart AUS 236

From the start, observing all navigational marks except shipping channel marks, unless otherwise specified, and then

 Part A:

Leave Green Is to Port and King Is. To Starboard,

Round Peel Island to port OR starboard at your choice.

Note: Douglas Light to be taken to port if rounding Peel to Starbrd and to Starbrd if rounding Peel to port

Leave Channel mark BC5 to starboard (Fl.G4s 27.19.15S 153.12.09E) and the“Coffee Pots” to Port.

Then sail BOTH the following triangles B and C bounded by the designated marks, these triangles to be sailed in either order and in either direction. The start point for either triangle is Brisbane Roads Buoy and if you do triangle C first then you will leave Brisbane Roads to Stb as you start C and again as you start B. If you do B first then you will leave Brisbane Roads to Port as you start B and again as you start C. And in either case you must pass within 50 metres of Brisbane Roads Buoy on both occasions.

Triangle B:

Brisbane Roads Buoy (Fl (2) 6s), ( approx. 27° 17.14’S 153° 12.38’E) [Note : Shown on Qld. Transport Chart as (FLY 2.5s)]

North Reef Beacon (Fl G (4)) (CAUTiON - REFER TO CHART)

Otter Rock Buoy (Fl G 2.5s)          

Triangle C:

Brisbane Roads Buoy (Fl (2) 6s),

MB2 (Fl R 3s),

Pearl Channel Buoy (Fl R 2.5s).

FINISH LINE: Finish with the Brisbane Roads Buoy (Fl (2) 6s) abeam of your yacht to Port or Starboard and within 100m of the buoy.                                 


FINISH TIMES: Competitors shall record their own finishing times and submit to the OOD by radio on Ch 72 VHF or phone as soon as possible after finishing. By submitting a time you are making an automatic declaration that you sailed by the rules.

Yachts not finishing must report to the OOD or another competing yacht to be registered as DNF.

RACE FEE: $5.00, for both PCF and OMR

NOTE: All persons competing in club events do so at their own risk and indemnify the club and its servants. A condition of entry is that each entrant carries at least five million dollars public liability insurance. All sailors should note that the international regulations for prevention of collisions at sea apply at all times.
Have special regard for rule 9 when in or near the shipping channel.