Cruise to Karragarra

By Lyle Stanaway

Photos by Phillipa Bolt and Lyn Wieland

2015 Karragarra Cruisers

The weekend of 5th & 6th of September was fast approaching, only for us to realize that a family member would be in town for Birthday celebrations, and one of our favourite sailing weekends was going to be in the middle of it. Brainstorm, organize accommodation to suit up to four people, with six of us going over, two could stay comfortably on Hasta la Vista, with it's large number of berths and saloon. Now a search for accommodation on Karragarra Island is somewhat limited to say the least. Airbnb was an option, a couple of replies, but no luck yet. Broaden the search. How about Macleay Island? After a few requests to find something available, and also just for one night, finally we secured a house for the Saturday night. This piece of the puzzle sorted, now how to get two people over to the Island. Four out of six were racing on Hasta la Vista.

One of the things we really enjoy about our sport are the people we meet that have common interest, and the friendships that evolve. One quick call to Ray and Sue Perry who were doing the cruise to the Island and tick, that has had everything fall into place.

Hasta la Vista made an appearance for the start of the race. Unfortunately we were the only Multihull that raced on that weekend. We had clear air after the start, about an eight to ten knot breeze to beat to windward and no other boats in sight until near the turning mark south of Peel Island. The small launch had just laid it. Problem! They are the finish boat. Their top speed would be about eight knots. We were just starting to crack sheets with a slight build in the breeze. The small launch, Firefly, had about a mile start on us, but with our sheets slightly eased, and the breeze puffing to the odd gust of 12 knots, Hasta la Vista used her width, accelerated to 14 knots and gobbled up Firefly to be 10 minutes in front over such a short distance.

We arrived at Karragarra Island and threw in the anchor close to the venue where the local yacht club were ready for thirsty and hungry sailors. Our host turned up in his tender to greet us, and took one of our crew to the house, while the rest of us organized ourselves and the boats. A couple of trips on Hasta la Vista tender to the house on Macleay Island, and what a wonderful home with great view. The owners vacate their home anytime they have a booking, and go and live on their yacht which is anchored nearby. Now for some sundowners. Happy Birthday Fiona Stanaway. What a great way to spend some sailing time and family time together. After sundowners, we made our way by the ferry service or tender back to the party on Karragarra Island. The Multihulls were not well represented on the race course, but Shanda, Aquilo One and of course Purr-fik made the pleasant sail down for the weekend. We will be coming back next year, and also perhaps for some weekends of our own.

The sail back on Sunday was slow but pleasant. One of the only racing weekends when there was no kite work. Hasta la Vista used it's screecher for most of the sail home. The finish boat Firefly was delighted to be on station when we crossed the line. He went to the trouble to radio us that he had made it this time, only just.

Ray and Sue Perry, thank you so much for being good friends and great hosts to our family that joined you on your boat. Both Nell and Fiona Stanaway had a wonderful experience on your boat. They have done quite a bit of sailing in the past and thoroughly enjoyed it. It was great to see also the other boats and crew that represented the Multihull Club well. You also added to a wonderful weekend and experience. We, Jim and Libby Fern, Lyle Stanaway and Jan Hamilton thank you for being part of such a great weekend.

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