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Notes for entering races:

The Calendar for 2014 consists of 14 Bay races with 4 drops (i.e. best 10 count) and 5 Ocean races  with 1 drop (i.e. best 4 count). 
Of the 14 Bay  Championship races 5 are Manly Combined Clubs races.

4 are QCYC Winter Series 3 are MYCQ plus the WMYC's 2 St Helena Cup races.

To enter the Combined Clubs races go to and you can choose to enter all the CC races or just the ones for our championship also download  the Sailing Instructions and course maps. Arrangements for entry to the QCYC races will be advised later.

Click on the events below to get more information (where it exists) such as notice of race, race instructions, race results, race reports, cruise reports, event reports etc. Note, for more information on the combined clubs races go to

Ocean Series
Bay Series
Cruise Event
Special Event




Race #




18/01/14 Sat O1 Surf to City QCYC


2/02/14 Sun B1 Odin Trophy MBTBC
6/02/14 Thurs   General Meeting MYCQ
8-9 Feb Weekend   Cruise to Kooringal and Sundowners MYCQ
22/02/14 Sat   Moreton Bay Classic Race 1 Trailerables only TSCQ
23/02/14 Sun   Moreton Bay Classic Race 2 Trailerables only TSCQ


1-2 Mar Weekend   Horshoe Bay or Deanbilla Sat arvo BBQ MYCQ
6/03/14 Thurs   General Meeting MYCQ
9/03/14 Sun B2 Combined Clubs Race 2 WMSC
14-16 Mar     Sail Paradise SYC
22/03/14 Sat B3 Great Bay Race MYCQ
29/03/14 Sat   MYCQ 50th Birthday MYCQ


3/04/14 Thurs   General Meeting (Cancelled) MYCQ
10/04/14 Thurs   50th Anniversary Gladstone Cruise Briefing MYCQ
11 or 12 Apr Fri/Sat   Brisbane to Gladstone Cruisers depart Manly MYCQ
16-18 Apr     Cruisers arrive Pancake Creek MYCQ
16/04/14 Wed   Brisbane to Gladstone Briefing MYCQ
18/04/14 Fri O2 50th Brisbane to Gladstone MYCQ
18/04/14 Fri   Cruisers arrive Pancake Creek MYCQ
19/04/14 Sat   Cruisers arrive Gladstone - join racers MYCQ


1/05/14 Thurs   General Meeting (No Quorum - B2G Video) MYCQ
3/05/14 Sat   Bay to Bay race 1 HBSC
4/05/14 Sun   Bay to Bay race 2 HBSC
17/05/14 Sat B4 CC Race 4 Sandgate Weekend and cruise QCYC
18/05/14 Sun B5 CC Race 5 Sandgate Weekend and cruise QCYC


5/06/14 Thurs   General Meeting MYCQ
7-9 Jun Weekend   Long weekend cruise to Sanctuary Cove MYCQ
15/06/14 Sun B6 & B7 QCYC Winter Series Race 3
QCYC Winter Series Race 4
15/06/14 Sun   CC Races 6 & 7 Triangles WMYC
28-29 Jun Weekend   Sail Mooloolaba MYC


3/07/14 Thurs   General Meeting MYCQ
5/07/14 Sat B8 QCYC Winter Series Race 6 QCYC
6/07/14 Sun B9 QCYC Winter Series Race 7 QCYC
12/07/14 Sat   CC Race 8 RQYS Canaipa Cup RQYS
13/07/14 Sun   CC Race 9 RQYS Canaipa Cup RQYS
26/07/14 Sat   3 Island Race Fun Race for Charity MBTBC
31/07/14 Thurs   Brisbane to Keppel RQYS


7/08/14 Thurs   General Meeting MYCQ
9-10 Aug Weekend   Little Ships Club - Pontoon Party MYCQ
9th - 14th     Airlie Beach Race Week  
17-23 Aug     Hamilton Island Race Week  
31/08/14 Sun B10 Combined Clubs Race 10 / Westerly Trophy WMSC


4/09/14 Thurs   General Meeting MYCQ
13/09/14 Sat   Combined Clubs Race 11 Karragarra weekend KYC/MBTBC
14/09/14 Sun   Combined Clubs Race 12 Karragarra weekend KYC/MBTBC
20/09/14 Sat B11 Bribie Cup - Manly to Bribie MYCQ
21/09/14 Sun B12 Coolaroo Trophy - Bribie to Manly MYCQ


2/10/14 Thurs   General Meeting MYCQ
4/10/14 Sat B13 St. Helena Cup WMYC
5/10/14 Sun B14 St. Helena Cup WMYC
12/10/14 Sun   Combined Clubs Race 13 and 14 RQYS
18/10/14 Sat O3 Manly to Mooloolaba MYCQ
19/10/14 Sun O4 Mooloolaba to Manly MYCQ


6/11/14 Thurs   Annual General meeting MYCQ
8/11/14 Sat   Combined Clubs Presentation Night MBTBC
9/11/14 Sun   Nav Nightmare followed by Raft-up @ King Is. MYCQ
16-21 Nov Sun-Fri   Wangi Multihull Regatta WRSLASC


4/12/14 Thurs   General Meeting MYCQ
6/12/14 Sat   Christmas Party and Presentation MYCQ
26/12/14     Cruise to Ballina on the Richmond River MYCQ

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