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Year Boat Skipper Type Design
2015 MORTICIA Shaun Carroll T Sea Cart
2014 BULLET PROOF Scott Gralow C Schionning
2013 NO PROBLEM Ray Hobbs C Schionning
2012 BOSS RACING G Saxby/B Donnelly C Custom
2011 RENAISSANCE M.Hodges/R.Perrins C Schionning
2010 BOSS RACING G Saxby/B Donnelly C Custom
2009 BULLET PROOF Scott Gralow C Schionning
2008 WILPARINA 2 Rob Remilton T Farrier
2007 SPELLBOUND Geoff Toomey C Crowther
2006 FOXY Shane Russell C Peter Cherry
2005 ENCHANTRESS M.Hodges/R.Perrins C  
2004 RAW NERVE Martin Riley C Crowther
2003 THE CATS WHISKERS Richard Jenkins C Jenkins
2002 FLAT CHAT Jamie Morris C Grainger
2001 SHANDA Bruce Wieland T Arber
2000 MARIPI Bill Withers C Prout
1999 AVATAR John Cadwallader   Crowther
1998 PURR-FIK Mark Webster C Rogers
1997 TETHYS B. Cowardine    
1996 NUDGEE BUDGEE Cliff Fraser C Cliff Fraser
1995 AUSTRALIA'S CHILD Rod Richards/Lynne Robbins T Crowther
1994 NUSA DUA Gerald Barrink C Barrinck
1993 XL2 Paul Nudd C Crowther
1992 PACIFIC CRANES Rod Richards/Lynne Robbins C Crowther
1991 SHOTOVER II Adrian Rogers C Rogers
1990 SHOTOVER Harvey Raven C Crowther
1989 LEND LEASE PARKING Jeff Owen T Crowther
1988 FLAMINGO ROAD Jo Webster    
1987 NEKARI Paul Koch    
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