2021 Bay Race 1 - Mud Island

Six boats lined up between Hybers and Lockyer for an upwind start, Indian chief skippered by Geoff Berg did a great start, sailed down the line and got the jump on everyone and we all fell into line eventually. The breeze was light and Kestrel managed to find a dead spot closer in to Green Island and took awhile to get going. The first mark, the cardinal on the east of Mud Island allowed everyone to get a reaching sail out, I’m told Double Black Diamond tried every sail in his wardrobe, the bright pink spinnaker was obvious after the second mark. Zero carried her Code Zero all the way home from the first mark with only one Gybe necessary, our top speed for the day was 10.9 knots SOG but there was no way we could catch Indian Chief. Attitude looked like catching us a few times on the upwind leg but once we got some angle into the Code Zero we pulled away. Congratulations to Double Black Diamond for winning both OMR and PRS and Indian Chief for the Line Honours.
Mud Island Race - Date: 27 Feb 2021
  ET Place Rating CT Place Rating CT Place PRnew
Attitude 2:39:44 3 0.8320 2:12:54 2 0.8780 2:20:15 5 0.8752
Double Black Diamond 2:52:16 6 0.6970 2:00:04 1 0.7502 2:09:14 1 0.7689
Indian Chief 2:26:04 1 0.9380 2:17:01 5 1.0167 2:28:30 6 0.9947
Kestrel 2:50:40 5 0.7870 2:14:19 3 0.7994 2:16:26 2 0.8042
McMoggy 2:50:14 4       0.8153 2:18:47 4 0.8155
Zero 2:30:24 2 0.9070 2:16:25 4 0.9200 2:18:22 3 0.9211

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