To be read in conjunction with Part A of the MYCQ Sailors Handbook

RACE:      Navigator’s Nightmare 2015


DATE   Sunday 08/11/15               START TIME: 1300hrs                FINISH TIME:            1530 hrs


TYPE: End of Season fun race

OFFICER OF THE DAY: TBA                   SAFETY REGS: MYCQ Sailors Handbook and YA Cat 5


RADIO SKEDS: 30 mins before the start time on Ch 72: Contact the Start Boat to register as a starter


START PROCEDURE: As per AYF Racing Rules of Sailing Part 3 Rule 26


THE START:            Between the Start Boat and the Red Entrance Beacon to Aquatic Paradise

(N.B. If there is no start boat on station, then yachts shall time their start to be not before 1300hrs GPS time, and on the transit of the Red and Green Entrance Beacons to Aquatic Paradise, leaving BOTH to PORT and within 50 metres)


THE OBJECT: The object of the race is to cover the maximum (PCF corrected) distance in the time allowed and the winner is the yacht that achieves this.  Distances will be calculated from the Start by the shortest navigable distance to the GPS Turn Around positions and back.

NOTE: Boats shall not cross or enter the main shipping channel.

TURN AROUND PROCEDURE:   All competitors will mark their turn around position with a GPS Mark.   This position will be relayed to the OOD by VHF Channel 72 within 2 minutes after turning around.


FINISH PROCEDURE: Competitors will endeavour to finish exactly on the 1530 finish time.

Early finishers will have no penalty applied. They will have already been penalised by covering less than the maximum possible distance.

Competitors unable to finish by 1530 will mark their GPS position at exactly 1530 hrs and relay this to the OOD before 1535.   The navigable distance to go to the finish will be calculated and this will be subtracted from the actual distance covered.   The resultant distance will be corrected by the PCF for the final result!

THE COURSE: From the Start:       Leave the Lockyer Beacon to Port

                                                            To your own selected Turn around Position

                                                            Leave the Lockyer Beacon to Starboard

Then to the Finish

THE FINISH: On the transit of the Red and Green Entrance Beacons to Aquatic Paradise to Starboard and within 50 mts.


RACE FEE: $ 5.00     Weather permitting there will be a raft up off King Island after the race


NOTE: All persons competing in club events do so at their own risk and indemnify the club and its servants. A condition of entry is that each entrant carries at least five million dollars public liability insurance. All sailors should note that the international regulations for prevention of collisions apply at all times.

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