Meeting opened: 20.00 hours

Apologies:Col Graham, Leon Degenaars, Chris Dewar, Ted Kerr, Peter Hackett, Mike Hodges, Libby Fern, Tim Playne


 Robyn Wilson – now on L plates with her newly acquired Albert 35; is a current Caper Cat sailor and has crewed across Bass Straight  on “Kathmandu” from Yamba

Ian Cooper – has a Schionning Cosmos 47’ Nicky Cand 30 years ago sailed on Mirror dinghies


The previous minutes were read: moved by (Bruce Wieland) & seconded by Richard Jenkins.

Business Arising:

A report is due shortly from DPSS regarding the development of Norfolk Point.

Correspondence In: Kwik Kopy invoice, Suncorp Statement, Perpetual Statement

Plus a number of emails regarding ‘saving Norfolk Point’.

Treasurer’s Report: via email

The treasurer reported the following figures:

Suncorp Current Account: $ 7546.21

Perpetual Investment Account:  $26,772.48

Suncorp Savings Account: $210,400.75

Comments: Work is being done on importing users into website

Moved the accounts be accepted by Bruce Wieland seconded by Wolfgang Veit

Big Boat report:by Jim Fern

In the last of the QCYC bay races to start there was little wind then flukey. Later from Otter Rock back to Fisheries there was good wind.  Turning Point flew. On these short triangles the boats go past each other frequently. Interestingly there was no wind one end but 18 knots the other.  Hasta la Vista  caught a 20 knot breeze! A fun night was had at QCYC . QCYC 10 races- series  has now finished.

Trailer Boats report: Alan Bolt reported there has been some great tussles with Hasta la Vista.

Other Sailing Business: Bruce Wieland:

Yachting Queensland representatives, Ken Hurling -YQ President and Kevin Hanley – Chairperson YQ Offshore and Safety Committee, attended the July MYCQ management committee meeting. On going discussions are taking place regarding the safety issues and race requirements for multihulls. Areas of discussion were:

  Risk management documents being made available to advise & help clubs with their risk management. This includes the need for training and the qualification requirementsfor Race Directors Course. Other issues re multis:

*Water tight compartments * bilge pumps * lifelines * materials for lifelines * HF radios (we believe sat phones are acceptable  but YQ say if you rely on it it must be fully installed). * QCYC interested is interested in Cat 3 (not Cat 2)  racing * Still negotiating on these issues. We need to have a submission and strong representation.

It was noted that Tony Eppell & Jim Fern put in a submission previously.

Cruising: Ray Perry:

A pontoon party this weekend at the Little Ship Club on North Stradbroke Is.


2 DVDsof Brisbane to Gladstone have been acquired from VidPicPro.

Social: Lyn Wieland.

Use Casino night as a lead in to Brisbane to Gladstone activities. Postponed to 6thMarch. Still a few tickets for Queen Concert. * Sydney Harbour 12,13,14thDecember – Extreme Sailing. Event organizers are offering: VIP club on shore + go on the boats or go out on a rib. Or are calling for volunteers esp for young people.

General Business:

BW - DPSS fighting the proposed development on Norfolk Point. Neil Symes said the proposal has been withdrawn but there will be another one to be submitted.

Suggest we join with all other Manly Harbour clubs to form a consortium to submit an alternative proposal. 18 footers are apparently still keen to have a presence.

Meeting closed: 21.00

Presentation by Phillipa & Alan Bolt on building their catamaran – a Pescott Whitehaven. This included an interesting demonstration on infusion.


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