Location: Manly

Date of meeting: 2-07-2015

Meeting opened at: 19.45


Apologies: Nil


Attendance: As per attendance sheet (the book has been misplaced!. (25 in total)


Proposed: Confirmation of minutes from previous meeting held on 4th June 2015

Moved: Chris Wren

Seconded: Motion: Jim Fern



Matters arising from the minutes: Nil


Secretary’s Report & Correspondence:

YQ Re affiliation & invoice for $2708 – Request that YQ show how capitation fee arrived at.

Liquor licensing re: Personnel details

Sails Magazine.


e-mails to DPSS re agreement WRT the clubhouse.

From Col Graham re Pantaenius insurance.

From “deckie”re tade quotes

Multihull Solutions re advertising

YQ re Award Nominations –not applicable to MYCQ

BrisVegas re next years booking

To & from melanoma re donations

MBTBC re Christmas function booking

YQ re Minutes Also affiliation fees.

Moved that correspondence be accepted: Peter S

Seconded: Wolfgang


Matters arising from Correspondence:

Alan explained the DPSS / rates correspondence: Alan advised that an historical MYCQ automatic drawing was defaulted when DPSS was late in paying the rates. This has now been rescinded.

John Hamaty advised that our original 5 year rent agreement has expired, and that a new agreement will be negotiated with the DPSS. Work in hand.


Treasurers Report – Allan Bolt

MYCQ Investment Account: $201164.34

($175000 of which is in a higher interest account)

MYCQ Cheque Account: $ 3528.45

Perpetual Account: $25172.96

Proposed: That the Treasurers report be accepted

Moved: Alan Bolt

Seconded: John Hamaty

Motion: Carried


Sailing Committee Report: Mike Hodges

2 events this month, Combined clubs Triangles , The first won by Frequent Flyer . 3 starters Frequent Flyer, Hasta La Vista & Renaissance.

The second race was won by Renaissance.

Possible race series being planned, possibly to tie in with St Helena Cup?

Richard Jenkins spoke about the modifications to Kestrel recently made. The Bow sections now have an additional approx. 400kg buoyancy, has lifted the bow and lowered the stern.

Mike outlined some modifications to Renaissance, again with the aim of lowering the stern


Trailables: Peter Hackett spoke about QCYC winter series; good number of Multi’s with the Cats so far outpacing the Tri’s.

Passage race to Scarborough this next weekend (4th & 5th July)


Cruising Report: Ray Perry:

This weekend (4th &5th July) cruise to Canaipa.

Christmas Cruise to Noosa:


Social Committee Report: Lyn Whelan

The Christmas party colour is GREEN.

Swap & read operation active in library.

Casino Night to be run again may 2016.

 12. General Business:

John Hamaty: YQ conference next weekend 11 & 12th July, explanation of consolidation of functions nationally.

Raffle drawn with Jim Fern the lucky winner

 13. The meeting closed at 8.45 pm and the next meeting will be on 2 July 15

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